Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland Water Polo

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Information for Prospective Players

Fitness Benefits

Our athletes demonstrate measurable, improved cardiovascular fitness, muscular stamina and speed with our rigorous pool training sessions 3-4 times weekly, in addition to weekly dry land exercises for 12 and older players.   Water Polo is a sport that encompasses the skills of swimming, treading water, overhand ball throwing, along with similar team tactics as in basketball/ hockey/ lacrosse and soccer.

Positive and Nurturing Team Environment

Our competitive teams are very unique in the current sport climate due to our philosophy of Positive Competition. We strongly encourage cooperative, supportive and positive attitudes through regular leadership training for our youth as well as reinforcing positive behaviors for coaches and parents at all events and training.  

Come Try Out the sport and our Club practices!

All players interested in joining Capital Water Polo must participate in a Trial Practice.   Trials are held between Sept and May and serve two functions; (1) enables coaches to place the athlete in the proper practice group and (2) since it is very difficult to describe the sport, it is best to experience a practice and try it first-hand. We encourage parents to attend the trial practice with their athlete to make an informed decision regarding sport demands, practice designs and membership requirements for our team. 

Pre-registration for a Trial with Capital Water Polo + a 2-week free USA Water Polo temporary membership is needed for any participation.  Please complete both steps below to be eligible to participate in this offer:

  1. Fill out the online form for Capital Water Polo Trial Registration Form. This information gives our coaches an understanding of the prospective member’s athletic ability and water polo skill level, novice or experienced.
  2. Go to to fill out a USA Water Polo 2-week free Trial Membership form.  Under Club Affiliation choose: State "Virginia", Club "Capital DC Water Polo".  A copy of the Trial Membership Card needs to be submitted via email or printed & presented to the Coach at your FIRST trial practice to be permitted to participate in any activities. 
  3. Both Trial Registration items (1 & 2) must be completed for your child to attend the trial sessions.  Once you have submitted the trial / tryout request form you will be contacted to schedule your first practice.  

The Trial Member Practices are free to experience our coaches & practices, and answer questions about joining our Club

Please ensure your child is strong enough to swim and tread in DEEP water without a lifesaving device.  Inform your child that they can take frequent rest breaks (2-3 min) along the wall for the first session, if necessary.  Inform the coach if this may be the situation for your child before the session begins.  Bring any asthma inhalers on deck as a precaution. Bring swim team goggles, suit and towel.  We look forward to seeing you in the pool!  

Should you have any further questions please contact: