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CAPITAL WATER POLO Code of Conduct/Player Agreement:
I agree to uphold the spirit of the Capital Water Polo Code of Conduct, which constitutes a guide to my conduct as a member of the Capital Water Polo Club. I acknowledge that I have a right to a hearing if my opportunity to compete is denied or if I am charged with a violation of this Code of Conduct. I hereby acknowledge that for so long as I am a Capital Water Polo Athlete, it will be my unconditional responsibility to:
1. Act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and reasonable conduct.
2. Act in a way that will bring respect and honor to myself and my team.
3. Remember that at all times I am an ambassador for my sport, my team and the water polo community.
4. Respect the property of others, whether personal or public.
5. Respect members of my team, other teams, spectators and officials, and not engage in any form of verbal, physical or sexual harassment or abuse.
6. While participating at a Capital Water Polo event, do not engage in criminal behavior.
7. While participating at a Capital Water Polo event, the use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or vaping products are strictly prohibited.
8. While traveling, maintain complete segregation of boys and girls in hotel rooms, and abide by stated curfew (if applicable).
9. At all games, bring all equipment that I am requested to bring for competitions, including my Capital swimsuit, Capital t-shirt, weight belt, towel and bag to all venues.
10. Promptly report any violation of this Code of Conduct by myself or any other person to my coach and chaperone.
Violations of these 10 responsibilities may have serious consequences including, for example, suspension from one or more games in Capital Water Polo competition, being sent home from trips at the athlete's expense, or suspension from any team to which the athlete may be assigned. Should an athlete be denied the right to compete, the athlete may file a grievance with Capital Water Polo and its Board of Directors.
I have read and accept this Code of Conduct/Player Agreement. I agree to the rules, guidelines, jurisdiction and procedures stated in these documents as a condition of being selected to participate as a member of Capital Water Polo.
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