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2017 National Junior Olympics (NJO) Fact Sheet

Northeast Zone (NEZ) JO Qualifiers will be held the weekend of May19-21, 2017 in Greenwich CT. There is a
high probability of Friday night games. Athletes need to prepare and plan for multiple, high-intensity games (2-3) per day in both the Qualifier and NJO tournaments. Every year, more teams from our zone enter this tournament which makes qualifying for NJOs increasingly challenging. 

USAWP determines how many teams qualify per zone, normally finalized 3-4 weeks prior. USAWP may award additional allocations, reassigning empty tournament spots, to zones after all the nation’s JOQs are completed. This means CWP may get an invitation as late as June 15 to add a team that may not have qualified initially.

As the qualifying tournament approaches, CWP will arrange a team hotel block. 

Each team’s roster is determined by coaches to create the most competitive team. USAWP limits the roster size to a maximum of 15 athletes. Athletes are evaluated by coaches based on the 3 A’s = Attitude/Aptitude/Attendance.  

If your athlete is not selected, please keep in mind that it is still important to come to practice and sign up for games to build on their water polo experience. Coaches are open to talking to athletes about what they can do to get better.

Selected athletes must:

  • Register and pay deposit ($500 in two payments) on time.
  • Maintain current club membership & USA Water Polo GOLD membership.
  • Participate in preparatory tournaments on club calendar.
  • Demonstrate a positive team-first attitude at all times
  • Consistently demonstrate 100% effort at practices & games.
  • Maintain 80 percent of higher practice attendance to be a cohesive team member and improve team skills and tactics.
  • Inform coaches of absences and conflicts in advance of practices and games.
  • Purchase a Capital team suit and team t-shirts to wear to wear to the tournaments.
  • Avoid long vacations that would affect practice attendance. Best to schedule family vacations after NJOs.


Fees for each athlete are made up the combination of coaching expenses and team entry fees for both the Qualifiers and NJOs. The deposit is an estimate of those expenses and fees based on prior years. Actual expenses that result in a change will be either refunded or billed after the tournament. 

Athlete expenses not covered by the fee deposit include airfare, lodging, transportation and meals. CWP may decide to rent team vans to transport athletes to and from games. This decision will be made on a team-by-team basis.
CWP has reserved a room block for session 1 and is in the process of obtaining a block for session 2. The room block is offered as a way for the team to stay together and possibly save on lodging with shared rooms for athletes. Room rates at the current hotel range from $134-$144 plus tax. Families are welcome to identify and book their own accommodations as they see fit. 

18U /16U /14U* teams may have players who wish to travel without a parent, to save costs and will be supervised by the parent volunteer for that team and the team coach.
*Players on 14U team must be approved by the head coach, to ensure they are eligible & assigned supervision.

Session 1: Boys = Arrive TH 7/20 in evening (practice FR 7/21). Games 7/22-7/25
Session 2: Girls = Arrive TU 7/25 by 3:30 (practice WED 7/26) Games 7/27-7/30

NJOs is not cheap and CWP recognizes that. Teams are welcome and encouraged to organize and execute NJO team fundraising to help bring their team's expenses down. In addition, CWP will try to work with a travel agent to secure discounted group airfares for our athletes.  


  • Opportunity to compete at a very high level and gain 2-3 months of sport knowledge in 4 days
  • Valuable coaching expertise to test your current skills and knowledge. Coaches provide performance evaluations post-tournament with recommendations on how to elevate athlete's game
  • HS players can reach out to and meet NCAA coaches in attendance. CWP coaches can provide advice and assistance contacting college coaches during the spring.

There are no refunds of deposits if the athlete does not compete. Cancelling on the team leaves your teammates and club in a difficult spot. Due to previous cancelations, CWP maintains a strict no refund policy. Teams that do not qualify will be refunded their deposit less the expenses and fees for Qualifiers. 

Every year 1-2 parent volunteers are assigned for each team traveling to NJOs. These team parents assist the coach with communications to parents and athletes in attendance and on the ground logistics at NJOs (meeting points, shade, water, snacks). Team parents also help to coordinate chaperone responsibilities for athletes traveling with the team. Their support is invaluable.